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The global research boutique



We have a network of like-minded agencies across the globe with whom we have relationships that are deeply established, real and personal.

We have co-ordinated hundreds of projects across our careers in 30 countries and in every continent.

Our Global partners
We select our partner agencies carefully from a number of trusted suppliers whom we have relationships extending more than 15 years.

Global Approach
We brief face to face and attend fieldwork in all markets
We assess findings after each stage of research
We reflect and adapt where necessary
We ensure we are flexible in the way we work

Stream Brazil
Stream Brazil opened in March 2013 has 3 guiding principles

  • To apply the understanding and knowledge we have from our time co-ordinating international projects to ensure that projects happen without hassle, run on time and are expertly executed
  • To employ Director level researchers in all we do. From the screener, to the recruiter briefing through to the execution and reporting of our research you will deal only with a team with at least 15 years experience
  • To work in partnership with agencies to ensure you get the ultimate research experience in Brazil; we know Brazil, we will show you Brazil

Stream Brazil: Global experience, local expertise

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