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The global research boutique



Inventive research techniques are at the heart of our approach.

We have a dynamic and evolving toolbox of projective techniques, tried and tested and new methodologies that are designed to answer questions and provide depth of insight.

What we do
Our expertise lies in brand positioning and strategy, concept, product and proposition development, creative development and pack design work. We use many methods including focus groups, workshops, accompanied shopping, in depth interviews, ethnography, online qualitative and quantitative research.

Contextualisation and keeping informed is crucial to fresh and inventive thinking. We dive into social networks and the hottest websites to be informed and to adapt to needs of our clients and the people who buy their products.

Stream approaches co-creation in a fresh way for each and every brief. Sometimes there is a need to crowd source to generate an idea and other times an intimate working session is needed with super consumers and clients working together. We use multiple techniques to address specific needs and we are always using new ways of thinking to refine our approach.

Projective techniques
People need to be empowered to share their thoughts and feelings in the most open way. We design, implement and invent projective techniques from classic personification to our very own gameshow and qualitative gamification techniques! Intrigued? Ask us for more information.

We storyboard all of our findings to ensure that we can tell an effective story that brings to life research findings. Our one mission is to have a set of actionable findings, insights that will make a real difference to the business.

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